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First Visit

Initial Consultation

The first visit is usually 75 minutes long and includes an initial assessment and treatment. Follow up treatments are usually one hour. A thorough consultation includes discussing your chief complaint, medical history, diet and lifestyle. Your blood pressure may be taken, and a tongue and pulse diagnosis are performed. Depending on the condition, other diagnostics may be employed. 


How many treatments will I Need?

Since each person is unique, the number of treatments required will vary, depending on the type of condition, whether it’s chronic or acute, as well as the overall health of the individual. 

Typically, the longer a person has been experiencing an ailment, the longer it will take to restore health. Acute ailments tend to be easier and faster to treat. Keep in mind, dramatic results are unusual after a single treatment. Most patients will experience a gradual relief of their symptoms over days, weeks or months.


How long are treatments?

The first treatment always takes longer because the patients history is taken and an initial and more detailed assessment must be performed. The first treatment usually takes about 1.25 hours. Follow-up treatments generally last 1 hr.


Preparing for a treatment:


  1. Wear loose, comfortable clothing

  2. Don’t eat large meals just before or after your visit.

  3. Avoid stressful situations after the treatment. Make time to relax, and be sure to drink plenty of fluids and rest.

  4. Between visits, take notes of any changes that have occured.


About needles

Joseph uses needles that are about as thin as a human hair. The number of acupuncture points selected in a treatment varies but usually includes 8-15 needles. Joseph has treated thousands of patients who have never had acupuncture before and has been able to comfortably needle even the most sensitive patients.


What About Other Medications?

You should continue to follow your current physician’s instructions. But please tell us which medications and supplements you’re taking so that we can rule out drug-herb interactions. More often than not, our herbal prescriptions ccomplement Western medications. 


Are there any side effects?

If there were no side effects, then treaments would be unsucessful, but very few negative side effects have been reported from acupuncture and herbal medicine studies that have been done. After the first couple treatments you may feel tired or achy, but with regular treatment patients usually feel relaxed, experience a reduction of pain and a positive change from troubling symptoms. Occasionally the original symptoms worsen for a few days, which is part of the healing. Patients also may notice changes in appetite, energy, sleep, emotions or bowel and urination patterns. These should not cause concern; they are usually indications that the body is rebalancing itself.


Are Acupuncturists Licensed?

The California Acupuncture Board is responsible for licensing Acupuncturists. Once a Practitioner has completed approximately four years and roughly 4,000 hours of schooling they can graduate and sit for the State Board Exam. Upon successful completion, Acupuncturists are licensed.

Like other medical Providers, Acupuncturists must complete CEU’s (continuing educational units) to stay current in their field. They must renew their licenses every two years and must possess malpractice insurance.

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