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Chinese Herbs

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medical practitioners have used herbs with medicinal properties for healing. Western Pharmacology is now beginning to acknowledge these natural counterparts without the side effects of processed pharmaceuticals.

Herbs assist the Organ sytems in the performance of their tasks. For instance, particular herbs enhance the capacity of the Heart to propel the blood, the Spleen to manage digestion, the Lung to handle respiration and the body’s defenses, the Liver to maintain resilient emotions and nourish tendons, and the Kidney to sustain reproductive processes and stability of the spine.


Herbal Formulas

Herbal formulas are specifically designed for the individual needs of the patient. Symptoms and signs are matched with therapeutic effects reflecting the particular conditions and needs of each patient.

Tonic formulas restore depleted body resourses, orthopedic formulas heal damaged tendons, bones and muscles, regulating formulas harmonize the Qi, venting formulas eliminate pathogens.

We primarily use formularies made up in granular form which are reconstituted much like instant coffee. Herbs refined in this way are batch tested for potency, consistancy and to make sure they are safe.

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